About The Firm

A reliable attorney can make legal issues feel less daunting. You can face the matter confidently knowing the fact that you have a partner with the necessary skill and experience.

We understand the peace of mind that a good attorney can bring and work to provide that for our clients. We solve clients' issues efficiently and effectively.

Skillful Care With A Personal Touch

Our firm provides each client with care supported by qualities such as:

  • Detail-oriented: With complex cases, it is crucial to have an attorney who will examine the matter thoroughly, not missing any small piece of information that could make a difference in your favor.
  • Individualized approach: Every person's situation is different and may call for a different method. We work to customize a solution for each client's case, ensuring that you have the best possible chance at a favorable outcome.
  • Extensive experience: With nearly two decades of experience in practice and extensive experience teaching others about the subject, our lead attorney is well-equipped to take on any case.

Furthermore, Terri Brewer is uniquely skilled in her legal practice. First, she has handled thousands of cases, working to settle cases favorably when possible and advocating strongly for her clients in court when a trial is necessary. Additionally, she has also demonstrated experience by serving in capacities such as:

  • Associate professor at California State University, East Bay, teaching landlord/tenant law, paralegal ethics and family law
  • Volunteer for Contra Costa Superior Court as a settlement mentor and discovery facilitator
  • Judge pro tempore for all Contra Costa County courts, focusing mainly on landlord/tenant matters

To learn more about Ms. Brewer's background, click the link below:

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